What is a proofing gallery?

First of all, what even is a proofing gallery? After your session, I collect all of the best images from our time together and apply light edits. These are your proofs. They are not the final product!

I'll crop a bit, straighten things out, and brighten them up as needed. But. they are not your final images and are not available to be downloaded. Please do not screenshot! They will have a prominent watermark that will be removed after edits are made.

Does it look different from my final gallery?

Very much so!

Your proofing gallery is edited just enough to give you a loose idea of what your images will look like, but the true artistry comes after. Your final gallery will be available to download high-resolution, print quality images.

Below is the transformation from a proofing gallery image a client selected to the final version. I'll apply my own spin and style on your gallery as well as make touch-ups and remove distracting background objects and people.



So how do I make my selections?

If the photos are going to look so different from the proofs, how do I even begin to choose my favorites, you might ask?

Good question! While I do make light adjustments to the proofs before delivery, the lighting, details, and overall feel of your photos will look very different once I'm finished.

The three E's are what you should be looking at when choosing the images you want included in your final gallery.


What emotions do you want to shine through in your gallery? The interactions between you and your partner or family are what will tell a story for years to come. The intensity of a sizzling look at an engagement session or the sweet giggles of young siblings at a family gathering are the memories that will last.


No matter what edits I make, your essence is what will remain steadfast. Do you like your smile or the way your hair is picked up in the wind in a certain photo, but think it's too dark? Still choose that one! The lighting and colors will be adjusted to remain consistent with the rest of your gallery, but the features that you love will be all the more prominent in your final photos.


Notice I didn't say "background", but "environment". You love the coastal look, but the beach had litter, trash cans, and other beachgoers in the area. No worries! I'll clean up the background and leave the summer vibes behind. If you love that beach view with the summer homes in the distance, go ahead and include it in your selections, port-a-potties and all. I'll take care of it.

When all else fails, reach out to me with questions on how we can make your photos look just how you imagine them.