Holiday Greenhouse Minis 2023

We're back and better than ever! On November 11 from 8 - 10 a.m. I'll be back at The Green Fern for round two! I'm excited to be booked and ready for another year at this beautiful, cozy location.

So you've secured a slot and are excited for your family's session. Now what?


First and foremost is what to wear! I have some simple dos and don'ts handy for when you're selecting outfits for the whole family.

  1. Be comfortable. Above and beyond, comfort is key. Many of my prompts encourage joy and movement, so clothing and shoes that allow for natural motion is critical. Jeans, chunky knits, loose dresses, and boots are encouraged!
  2. Avoid prints and neon shades. Stick to solid colors that flatter your skin tone! Prints, especially tiny repeating prints like gingham and plaid don't photograph well. Larger patterns and neon colors can clash with the others in your group and will draw the eye away from where it should!
  3. Keep the location in mind. The environment at The Green Fern is very laidback and rustic. The greenhouse will be decked out in green and red. Keeping that in mind when selecting your wardrobe will ensure that the background complements you and doesn't compete for attention.

Kids and Pets

Your entire crew is welcome! Kids of all ages and pets are encouraged to participate in your family's session. The nature of my photography style means there's NO STRESS if every member of your family isn't looking right at me or feeling cooperative.

Kids will be encouraged to have a fun time! Races, tickle fights, and laughter are the only assignments here. If your little one is camera shy, not to worry. Feel free to email me and we can come up with a game plan to help them be their most comfortable on the day of your session.

Set your pets up for success by bringing a color-coordinated leash if available, and lots of treats. Their favorite toy (bonus points if it makes noise!) is also a very helpful tool.


Preparing for your session's success is sometimes in the boring details! GPS your route in advance and be sure to arrive 5-10 minutes early for your session.

November can sometimes be deceptively chilly in Houston, depending on the day. Although you wouldn't know it from the final photos, we had some chattering teeth last year. Arm yourself with coats, gloves, and thick socks. We'll stash them in the greenhouse for use as needed to warm up in between shots.

The last detail is less of a requirement but an encouragement! I always strive to make each session an event: a romantic date or a fun family outing. Especially for any family members who aren't the most enthusiastic about picture-taking, I believe in framing the morning as a fun activity to look forward to, because it will be! And a post-session brunch doesn't hurt. *wink*