Why you should bring your pet

The case for whether or not to include your pet is clear - go all in!

Your pet is part of your family and depending on how camera-shy you or your family members are, having your pets included in your session can help alleviate nerves!

My candid, emotional style of photography calls for capturing life as you know it. If you want your pet to be a part of your session, we'll make it happen!

It takes an expert

I have a long history in working with animals. In the past, I worked in digital media at Houston SPCA where I still volunteer as a photographer. I've taken thousands of images of animals for their pet profiles and to document their rescue stories. I have had several rescue pets and fosters over the years. Trust me when I say I know how to work magic with your furry family members!

I have a deep arsenal of tricks up my sleeve to keep your pet's attention and cooperation when needed. However, much of the time, I'm just going to shoot with the goal of capturing memories and emotions with your family.

At the end of the day, your pet doesn't need to be perfectly behaved to be a part of your session. I can get them to look at me when needed, but during our sessions you'll just be focused on having a great time with your family!

Prepping for the session

Your pet doesn't need a professional groom or a "spaw" day to look their best for our session. However, I do ask that you be selective with their accessories and clean up their usual appearance just a bit.

A muted palette is best when it comes to their collars and leashes. Neon colors and bright patterns will draw the eye and will clash with your curated wardrobe we've worked on together! If you're including your pet, we'll have already gone over how to match them with your two-legged family, but be aware that we want their accessories to blend in with the theme and not make a statement. Harnesses are discouraged, but if they're necessary, the same suggestions apply. Colors that blend with their coat or the environment are best.

If your pet has long hair, it's a great idea to run a brush through their coat. Trim any hairs that are obstructing their eyes or giving an unkempt appearance. Otherwise, allow them to come with you as they are and have a good time!

Feel free to come armed with their favorite toys and treats!

reactive pets

If your pet is reactive, you might be used to restricting their access to new people and places. This does not mean you have to sacrifice family photos without one of the most important members. I have experience with reactivity and working with pets with limitations and understand their needs. I am more than happy to go over details with you and work with your pet to allow them to be a part of your session.

This can look like holding the session at your home or other comfortable environment, not directly interacting with your pet or touching them, and keeping a low volume or safe distance. We'll have a discussion together to assess risk and go over additional details to see if including your reactive pet is a possibility.

End-of-Life Sessions

If you anticipate the loss of your pet coming soon due to advanced age or health complications, I offer family sessions for free. A group family photo with your beloved pet can be a comfort after their passing and I am happy to work with you to provide memories to cherish forever.